Team Frequently Asked Questions

How often are team shoots?

Shoot schedules for the team depend on a variety of factors. Historically, we try to complete at minimum one team shoot per month but more recently we have been doing them much more frequently. It depends a lot on our business schedule and availability.

Are shoots mandatory?

Shoots are never mandatory. We know everyone has different schedules and life events. we ask that everyone shoot at least once every 6 months to stay an active part of the team. If you cannot attend a shoot in 6 months reach out to us to discuss how we can better accommodate you. Inactivity removals are not permanent. You may absolutely re-apply. Communication is key.

Are shoots free?

Yes, almost every shoot we offer the team is free to attend aside from the programs annual fee of $25. Occasionally we will offer shoots with a fee. These are shoots that involve us buying props or renting locations / acquiring specific permits. It will be made clear if any shoot has a fee. Otherwise, attend as many shoots as you want without having to worry about payment. If you love a shoot, feel free to tip us. Never expected but always appreciated. Even a dollar for an after shoot drink helps.

Where / when are shoots?

Shoot schedules and locations are always changing. We take your input into consideration but the biggest factor is our schedule. Team shoots have to fit into our schedule so there will tend to be a lot in / around the Xenia and Bellbrook area as well as around Dayton. We try to alternate times as much as possible. A blend of weekends and weekdays. If you have special requests for scheduling feel free to remind us.

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