What to Expect for Seniors


What Should You Expect From A Senior Session? Our sessions typically last an hour or two, but there is never any rush with us. We want to make sure you get the chance to get every shot you want. There is nothing we love more than someone who is excited to try lots of poses and explore the location we are shooting at. If you have any specific ideas or have seen something you want to try, talk to us and we will work with you to plan it. We love crazy, unique concepts so please dont hesitate to send us an idea you have.


What Should You Wear?
All of our senior sessions feature unlimited outfit changes. If we are not at a location that features areas to change in, we bring a portable changing tent for your convenience. Bring as many options as you want. Be sure that you make your style reflect you. Dont be afraid to change things up and shoot in a variety of styles. Accessorize! Bring hats, jewelry, anything to that changes things up. Often adding a couple accessories to an outfit can completely change the look and easily doubles the amount of styles you pull off! Dont be afraid to try anything. We’ve done lot of unique themed shoots.


What Else Should You Bring? We always encourage seniors to bring their own props. Anything that will help us show who you are. If you play a sport; bring a uniform or ball. If you are in the band: bring your instrument. Bring a shirt from the college you plan to attend. Take a few pictures with your car. Baby pictures are always popular. Again, we really want your shoot to reflect you, so talk to us about some ideas you might have.

Help us get to know you and help you.

We love learning about our seniors and we can even help you come up with ideas for your shoot. If you have time, send us a quick message introducing yourself. Tell us what school you go to, what activities you are involved in, what your hobbies and interests are.

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