Stump Influencer Program


     Each Year, Stump Photography works with a team of Influencers from the local area. We pick 1 (sometimes 2) models per school district. This helps us to get our name out there to people from all over the area. As an influencer, you receive access to free photo sessions throughout the year with our team, access to extremely creative and unique shoots, and some amazing friends (Our Other Influencers)!

So, what is this? and what exactly do we do?

     Its a common question… and its easiest to start with what aren’t. We aren’t a modeling agency. If your dreams are on the runways of NYC Fashion Week or you are in pursuit of fame and fortune, this program unfortunately wont help you. The “real” modeling industry is high pressure, high stress and not for everyone. There are dozens of agencies that can help you pursue that path. We wanted to create something fun. A safe place to go out and take some cool pictures, be creative and help each other build confidence. Our shoots are very laid back and all about you leaving feeling hyped up with some awesome pics to share.

What Do We Ask Of You?

     The program is Free. Its not about money. (We do have a small $20 annual fee to cover all of our permits and insurance to make these shoots possible – But there are easy ways to also get that waived) We ask for your support more than anything else.

• Support Others Be there for the other models on the team, make these shoots a safe place to forget about insecurities and have a fun time.

• Support Yourself. Gain confidence, take pride in who you are and create images that represent YOU. Don’t blend in, be yourself.

Support Us. Share your photos, tag us, tell your friends and family about us. Help represent our company to those around you. A big part of this is agreeing to only model for our business and not our competitors. Again, we know this makes the program a bad fit for professional models, but there are plenty of programs out there specifically targeted for that. We want our team to be very tight knit and in exchange for photos, we just ask for loyalty.

What we look for in an Influencer:

The perfect Influencer candidate is High School aged (or close – the vast majority of our business is senior sessions). In the past, the team has been exclusively HS juniors and seniors, but we are currently expanding eligibility and seeing how it works out!

Ideally, we are looking for someone who is extremely outgoing and has a great personality. We are looking for someone energetic with a unique style who works well with others. We need someone fun to work with who has maintains a positive image.  They must be very active on social media and willing to use their social influence to promote our brand.  Extracurricular activities or community involvement is always a plus! Must be available to attend a group shoot with other reps in Spring / Summer. Parents / Guardians must sign a model release form for anyone under 18 and it is expected that you represent and photograph only with Stump Photography.

What You Receive:

     As an Influencer you gain access to numerous FREE group shoots with our rep team with access to digital images. You have a say in what styles and themes are involved in your sessions. We ultimately want your images to reflect who you are and what your perfect senior sessions would include. You gain chances to earn additional rewards throughout the year by promoting and referring us business. You will be a part of an extremely fun team.

How to apply:

Send us a message on social media and introduce yourself!
IG: @stumpphotos

Be sure to include The Following:

  • Your Name 
  • Your Age
  • What high school you go to / went to
  • What social sites are you on?
  • What interests, hobbies do you have, do you play any sports or have any really cool or unique ideas for a photoshoot with you that would stand out? (not a requirement, but we love unique shoots that represent you)
  •  How did you hear about the Influencer Team?
  • What Made You Want to Apply?


This should all help us get to know a little bit more about you! We look forward to hearing from you!

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